Fine Mesh Strainer


  • Very efficient at keeping small particles out of your tea
  • Made of very small mesh and stainless steel
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Small, light, and convenient.

Mug in pictures not included.

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Our fine mesh strainer is made with very small mesh.  As a result of the mesh size, the infuser keeps tea leaves and small particles out of your tea.  A must have accessory especially when brewing broken tea leaves, blended teas, or herbal teas.  Regardless of the type of tea pot you use, cast iron, yixing, side handle gongfu, regular ceramic pot, or any other you will enjoy a better cup of tea with this strainer.

  • The handle protects from the heat.
  • It’s small size makes it the perfect tea accessory when traveling.
  • The fine mesh strainer is made of stainless steel mesh and is dishwasher safe.
  • Reasonably priced!


Width: 2.95 inches (75 mm) to 3.95 inches (100 mm)
Screen Mesh Diameter: 0.8 inch (210 mm)
Height: 1.50 (38 mm)

(see picture for details)


If you are looking for a large infuser check our patented EZ Tea Infuser with Handle.  Designed for brewing tea directly in your cup and large enough to handle any size of tea leaves.


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