Matcha On-The-Go

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Net Weight: 0.7 oz

Includes 10 individual packets (for optimum freshness)

Taste: umami, vegetal, creamy feel and sweet aftertaste.

Origin:  Japan

Ingredients:USDA organic green tea powder

Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, No Additives.

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Matcha On-the-Go is a premium USDA organic Japanese green tea powder.  This ceremonial grade Matcha is made of finely grounded green tea leaves.  The leaves are shade grown to enhance flavor and antioxidant content.  Pour a packet into a bottle of water et voila!  You will enjoy a refreshing, smooth tasting, thirst quenching, and healthy beverage.

It comes with 10 sealed individual tea packets for optimum freshness and easy preparation.  Each packet contains 2 grams of organic Japanese ceremonial grade Matcha (green tea powder).  This convenient and delicious green tea powder can be enjoyed cold “On-The-Go” or hot.

  • 100% Natural & Pure
  • Plant Based Drink Mix
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Promote Weight Loss*
  • Boost Concentration & Energy*


Cultivated with natural farming methods, the fresh green tea leaves are cultivated in Japan.  The tea plants grow at a certified organic tea farm (Grown without synthetic chemical substances and without genetically engineered seeds.  The farm is certified and compliant with Japanese and American certified agricultural standards for organic or biological farming).


Health And Tea LLC │ West Chester, PA 19382


*Statement not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Product not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  


Caffeine Level: Medium



Put one packet of Matcha On-The-Go into a bowl.  Add about one ounce of hot water (≈ 170 F).  Whisk into a paste.  Add seven ounces of hot water (adjust water amount for stronger/lighter flavor).  Whisk, when foam appears your Matcha is ready.


Take a 16 fl. oz water bottle

Remove a little bit of water from the bottle Poor 1 packet of Matcha On-The-Go into the bottle Shake well to mix  Adjust water amount for stronger/lighter flavor.

Enjoy within 2 hours.  If you need to keep the drink longer then keep it refrigerated.


Want to try a sweet flavored Matcha? Try Organic Raspberry Matcha or Organic Coconut Matcha.


1 review for Matcha On-The-Go

  1. Heidi

    Love it! Was my introduction to Matcha and having tried others, including pricey ceremonial grade alternatives, I think it’s an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone who knows and enjoys quality matcha.

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