Tea Gift Set


Who would enjoy the Tea Gift Set?

  • Your loved ones who need need healthy breaks in a busy day
  • Upgrade from tea bags to high quality loose-leaf tea
  • People who are new to loose-leaf tea
  • Want an easier way to brew tea in a mug
  • Don’t want to wash or break teapots
  • Want a break from the artificial teas
  • Enjoy organic and true loose-leaf tea

What’s inside:

  • Blossom Green Tea- USDA organic green tea grown in Taiwanese.  Taste is smooth and non-astringent.
  • Honey Black Tea- USDA organic black tea from Taiwan. All-natural sweetness from the tea and no added honey or sugar.
  • EZ Tea Infuser- Convenient way to brew tea in your mug; large stainless-steel basket allows tea leaves to unfurl (cup not included).


  • Delicious organic whole leaf-teas
  • Tea infuser is Eco-friendly and easier to use
  • Brew teas directly in your mug
  • Safe and no billions of micro-plastics from tea bags in your cup

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Tea Gift Set

Give your loved ones a break in a busy day to relax with a cup of high-quality and healthy tea. Let them smell the aroma of natural tea and taste the smooth but flavorful warm drink. Allow them to open up time for themselves. The Tea Gift Set provides everything needed to create these special moments for your loved ones.  This set comes with 2 teas and one EZ tea infuser which makes it very easy to brew tea in a mug.

Some people might think that loose-leaf teas require more preparation and effort. However, our infuser is just as convenient as a tea bag, but safer and better for your loved ones.

Perks of brewing loose-leaf teas

  • The infuser allows the tea leaves to open and provide maximum natural flavor
  • You can re-brew the same leaves (just give it extra brewing time)
  • You are helping the world by not throwing away tea bags.
  • Did you know tea bags are non-biodegradable? In England alone, they throw out approximately 160 million teabags every day which can take a toll on the Earth.
  • No micro-plastics or bleach in your tea.
  • Drink real tea leaves, not tea fannings.


To read the research about micro-plastics and tea bags from McGill University (click here)

For more information on our patented Infuser With Handle  (click here)


Tea Gift Set includes 1 Organic Blossom Green Tea (1 oz), 1 Organic Honey Black Tea (0.85 oz), and 1 EZ Infuser with Handle.


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