Gift Sets

Health&Tea Gift Set Selection

Help Your Loved Ones Enjoy a break or Boost Healthy Energy  in a Busy Day!

Show your appreciation to those you love. Here you can find healthy gift ideas at affordable prices. Our loose-leaf tea and matcha are natural and organic to keep your love ones well. They are the best alternatives for highly caffeinated and sugary drinks. Our selection includes Matcha and Loose-Leaf Tea Gift Sets.

Who would enjoy the Matcha Gift Set?

  • Your loved ones who need healthy energy boosts in a busy day
  • Active lifestyle
  • Need long lasting energy without caffeine jitters
  • Want to control their caffeine intake
  • Looking for convenient and easy to prepare drinks
  • Enjoy pure matcha or mix things up in their recipes or smoothies

Who would enjoy the Tea Gift Set?

  • Your loved ones who need need healthy breaks in a busy day
  • Upgrade from tea bags to high quality loose-leaf tea
  • People who are new to loose-leaf tea
  • Want an easier way to brew tea in a mug
  • Don’t want to wash or break teapots
  • Want a break from the artificial teas
  • Enjoy organic and true loose-leaf tea