Our Story

Health&Tea was founded in West Chester, PA.  We sold our first tea at a local farmers market in 2013.  We are committed to offer the best natural, healthy, and delicious loose-leaf teas and matchas.  We are passionate about tea and strive to build long lasting relationships with our farmers and customers.

Liz and Alain, Owners

How we are different?

  • We focus on organic and biological loose-leaf teas (no tea bags or conventional farming here).
  • Our teas are super fresh (we airlift them to the US).
  • We do not blend anything to our teas.  When you work with high quality teas there is no need to add other ingredients.  Our teas are pure and taste great.
  • We make it a principle to know the tea farmers we work with.  We visit them regularly and consider them as friends.
  • Our teas are single estate teas (we do not mix teas from different farms).
  • We provide convenient tools to help you brew the perfect cup of tea.

Tea Farms

We care where, how and when each of our teas grows.  We work directly with artisan tea farmers who use natural farming processes in suitable, resourceful, and chemical-free ways to grow the Camellia Sinensis used in our tea.   The farms are  certified organic by USDA or biological by their local agricultural systems and governments.  The quality and safety of our teas are inspected regularly and tested by accredited biological certification agencies and trustworthy institutions, such as SGS International Company.

Tea Package