Porcelain Mug with Infuser


Quantity: 1 unit — includes mug, infuser, and lid

Material: Porcelain

Dimension: Holds 8 fl oz

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This porcelain mug with infuser is made of high-quality white porcelain.  The set includes a mug, an infuser, and a lid all made of porcelain. The tea mug has a nice and clean style.  The set makes it easy to enjoy a cup of healthy tea at work or at home. The set is great for brewing whole-leaf teas.  It will help you extract antioxidants and flavors from your favorite teas.  It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

How to Use The Porcelain Mug with Infuser

Put whole-leaf tea in the infuser, pour in hot water, and close the lid for several minutes to allow the tea leaves to open fully.   When done brewing first put the lid on the side of the mug and carefully remove the infuser.  Put the infuser on the backside of the lid and enjoy your tea.  This mug will help you prepare a delicious cup of healthy tea without hassles.

This set conforms to FDA safety standards and is safe for use in microwave. Strongly recommended for whole-leaf teas. Holds 8 fl oz of tea.


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