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Matcha Purist Gift Set


Who would enjoy the Gift Set?

  • Matcha Lovers
  • Your loved ones who need healthy energy boosts in a busy day
  • Active lifestyle
  • Need long lasting energy without caffeine jitters
  • Want to control their caffeine intake
  • Enjoy pure Matcha or mix things up in their recipes or smoothies

The perfect healthy gift for the ones you care!

What’s inside:

  • Matcha Superfood, organic (80 servings) | Pure, taste is vegetal, slightly fruity & sweet.
  • Matcha On-the-Go, organic (10 servings) | Pure, ceremonial grade.
  • Bamboo Whisk | 80 prongs.

Matcha Benefits:

  • Contains rich antioxidants, such as EGCG, Caffeine, L-Theanine, vitamin C, etc.
  • EGCG is a powerful compound: reducing inflammation, aiding weight loss, etc.
  • It offers energy. But, Macha’s caffeine level is moderate, not as high as coffee.
  • L-Theanine offers long lasting and stable energy without caffeine crash.
  • Is on the list of immune boosting foods.

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Matcha Purist Gift Set

Matcha Purist Gift Set is the perfect healthy gift for people who enjoy Matcha.

This perfect Gift Set includes our Matcha Superfood, Matcha On-the-Go, and a Bamboo Whisk (80 prongs).  Both Matcha are organic and the green tea powder comes from Japan.

With our Gift Set, your loved one can enjoy these two pure and USDA organic Matcha.  Matcha provides energy in minutes. Matcha does have caffeine (less than coffee) to keep your loved ones alert with energy. However, L-Theanine in Matcha offers long-last energy without any caffeine-crashes. Rich antioxidants keeps your loved ones healthy as well.

Perks for Matcha Gift Set for Purists:

  • Matcha contains 10x more antioxidants than some green teas
  • You are getting all the nutrients from green tea because you are essentially drinking the leaf
  • Has caffeine to keep you going throughout the day; no caffeine crashes like coffee
  • Packed with more antioxidants than any other super food (ORAC)
  • Organic On-the-Go ceremonial grade Matcha (10 individual packets)
  • Organic Matcha Superfood (80 servings)
  • Bamboo Whisk


Matcha Super food (2.8 oz | 80 servings) – USDA Matcha green tea powder from Japan; 100% pure and strong

Matcha On-the-Go (10 individual packets ) – USDA Matcha green tea powder from Japan

Bamboo Whisk (80 prongs)


Look at our video for a delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare smoothie


For best quality keep refrigerated after opening.


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