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High Mountain Green Tea

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Taste: Aromatic, nutty, lingering finish, non-astringent.

Origin:  Taiwan

Ingredients: 100% organic green tea

Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives, No Additives.

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High Mountain Green Tea is made of fresh whole tea leaves and grown in mountainous areas that reach altitudes of 1,000 meters above sea level.  The high altitude gives tea leaves high levels of exposure to the sun, natural precipitation, with fresh and pure air.  In addition, these freshly grown leaves are cultivated using natural farming methods and certified 100% USDA Organic. As a result, these factors make a great environment for growing healthy tea plants.

Tea leaves absorb the natural flavors of Nature and so you will find a soothing with fresh aroma in your cup.  This exceptional tea will fill your mouth with a smooth and wonderful taste.


Learn about tea, green tea, and the different tea types.

Green tea is exceptionally high in flavonoids that can help boost your heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and reducing blood clotting. … This tea variety has also shown to be anti-inflammatory, which helps keep your skin clear and glowing.Penn Medicine—The Hidden Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water … The flavor of tea varies by where the tea leaves are harvested and how they are grown and processed. Black tea is the most popular worldwide, followed by green, oolong, and white tea.”  Harvard School of Public Health—The Nutrition Source—Tea


Health And Tea LLC │ West Chester, PA 19382
Certified Organic by OEFFA


Caffeine Level: Low

15 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup of High Mountain Green Tea



Tea Amount Water Temperature Steeping Time
 ≈ 2 tsp 8 FL OZ 170°F 3 minutes

You can re-brew the same leaves 2 or 3 times. If you re-brew, then increase brewing time.



Put loose-leaf tea in a pitcher with cold water and infuse in refrigerator overnight for at least eight hours.

2 reviews for High Mountain Green Tea

  1. John S

    This is very nice green tea. The quality of the dried leaf is good, and it brews very light and sweet with floral notes. I brewed mine in the glass teacup with screen insert that HealthandTea offers. Water not too hot (not boiled, little bubbles just starting to rise to the surface – I don’t use a thermometer). The glass teacup/screen insert that HealthandTea offers is nice and convenient if you don’t want to set up a tea tray with a gaiwan or teapot. For the second infusion I noticed a little minerality in the flavor that I personally enjoy.

  2. Ann N

    My friend who grew up on a tea farm in Vietnam is literally transported when she drinks this tea. It is authentic, elegant, delicate, subtle, special. Better than any other green tea Inhave had in the USA.

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