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About Us
About Us


For Happiness

We started drinking tea for health reasons. We want healthy and enjoyable lives for the people we love and for ourselves. When we are healthy, we can better enjoy the happiness in our lives.


More than 1900 articles regarding the health benefits of tea have been published in scientific journals during the past five years, according to PubMed’s U.S. National Library of Medicine [1]. Tea is a healthy beverage because of its potential protective benefits. Moderate, regular, and habitual consumption of tea is an easy and inexpensive way to happiness.



Our Mission: Offer Healthy Teas that are High Quality and Delicious

We care where, how and when each of our teas grows. Tea growing and manufacturing is strongly influenced by the local agricultural environment and systems. Each region has a unique environment and natural resources that are best for growing and manufacturing high quality natural teas [2].


We work directly with artisan tea farmers whose farms are certified biological by their local agricultural systems and governments. Our tea farmers use natural farming processes in suitable, resourceful, and chemical-free ways to grow the Camellia Sinensis used in our tea*. The quality and safety of our teas are inspected regularly and tested by accredited biological certification agencies and trustworthy institutions, such as SGS International Company.

It is delightful when your cup of tea tastes delicious. We carefully select a variety of tea flavors to complement your choices. Our goal is to offer healthy teas that you can enjoy every day.

* Grown without synthetic chemical substances and without genetically engineered seeds.  The farms are certified and compliant with Taiwan certified agricultural standards for biological farming.




  1., PubMed’s U.S. National Library of Medicine,, (May 2011)

  2. Rasmussen, Wendy and Ric Rhinehart, Tea Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide, 1999, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY


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This website is for information purposes only. We do not provide medical or legal advice.
If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor regarding a diet plan that is right for you .


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